Minor Release Form

Please print and have notorized.

Download Minor Release Form

Membership Application

You may complete the on-line application form below and make payment or download the form and bring it with you to your first race.

Download Membership Application Form

Complete the form below to submit your application for entrance. By clicking "Submit" you agree to all of the following.


I, (we) for myself, my heirs and assigns do hereby agree to indemnify DMC Motorsports, LLC and all others as follows. I, (we) give up ALL of my rights to sue or make claims of any kind whatsoever against DMC Motorsports, LLC (including but not limited to: agents, members, associates, sponsors, suppliers, promoters, or any other affiliate of DMC Motorsports, LLC) and of any and all persons, participants, or organizations conducting or connected with DMC Motorsports, LLC events for any injury to person or property I may suffer, including crippling injury or death, whether such injury arises while I am preparing for competition, participating in an event, or while I am upon any event premises.

I (we) understand racing can be dangerous and I accept the risks to myself, friends, family, and/or respective property while participating in racing events and while upon event premises. I am relying upon my own judgment and ability, I, (we) assume all such risks of loss and hereby agree to reimburse all costs to those persons or organizations connected with sanctioned events for damages incurred as a result of my negligence.

I (we) agree that DMC Motorsports, LLC or its assigns may non-exclusively use my name and pictures taken at a sanctioned event for any purpose in any media.

I (we) assume all responsibility for any and all taxes (if any) on any funds I receive as a result of my competitive activities.

I (we) understand and agree that this membership DOES NOT PROVIDE ME WITH ANY INSURANCE OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER and I understand and agree that it is EXTREMELY important that I HAVE MY OWN MEDICAL INSURANCE COVERAGE.

I (we) have read, understand and agree with all of the “Rules and Driver Information” of DMC Motorsports, LLC “Rules and Rider/Driver Information” available at www.dmcmotorsports.com or upon request.

I (we) hereby make oath and say that to the best of our knowledge and belief all statements set forth in this Motocross Membership Application are true and correct. I (WE) HAVE COMPLETELY READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS APPLICATION and RELEASE AND INDEMITY AGREEMENT.

On-line Application Form (option)

This on-line application form is available for your convenience. Fill in the boxes below then proceed to "Buy Now" or mail payment to: DMC Motorsports, LLC - PO Box 277 Thief River Falls, MN 56701. Payment must be received to complete your registration process and secure your race number. We will print this form and have it on file at the registration trailer. It MUST be signed by you prior to racing.


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